Sunglow Sound

About Us

Core Artists

These are the core artists behind the works of Sunglow Sound.

    Bea Dunsmore MMus Sonic Arts, BMus (Hons)  

    Bea Dunsmore is a PhD candidate at The University of Aberdeen studying under Prof. Pete Stollery. Her research, funded by one of the university's Elphinstone scholarships, is focused on how we perceive connections through the juxtaposition of 'real' and 'unreal' sounds, their sonic connotations and wider narrative implications. Originally from West Lothian, she moved North to attend Aberdeen University for her Bachelors in Music in 2011, continuing on to complete her Masters Degree in Sonic Arts in 2016.

    Mark Dunsmore MMus Sonic Arts, BMus (Hons)  

    Mark Dunsmore is a PhD candidate at The University of Aberdeen studying under Dr. Suk-Jun Kim. His PhD research is focused on developing software to harness geolocational data in order to inform sound-walk composition and performances. Originally from central Scotland, he moved to Aberdeen in 2011 where he has been an active member of the Aberdeen creative scene. He completed his Masters in Sonic Arts in 2016.

Associated Artists

These are the associated artists working with Sunglow Sound

    Matthew Harazim   

    Matthew Harazim is an up-and-coming sonic artist currently based in Aberdeen. In the middle of writing his Bachelor’s dissertation on Live coding, Matthew composes fixed-medium works and writes in several live coding languages including Tidalcycles and Extempore. The focus of Matthew’s work lies in narrativity and the stories which can be told through Sonic Arts, regardless of medium.

    Ben Light   

    Ben Light is a saxophonist, singer-songwriter, composer and music arranger. Graduating with a BMus(Hons) in Music and Communities at the University of Aberdeen, under Christopher Gray, Ben currently works as a teacher, freelance musician and performer. Originally from Glenrothes, Fife, he moved to Aberdeen in 2011. Outwith work, Ben is an avid ensemble player – working with the University of Aberdeen Concert Band and Symphony Orchestra, Glee Club as Musical Director in 2014, and the Aberdeen Jazz Orchestra.

    Andrew Stewart   

    Andrew Stewart is a self-taught, Aberdeen based songwriter who has been writing and recording since 1988. A strong advocate of lo-fi, DIY creativity he has also diversified into video production, photography, radio broadcasting and poetry.

    Emilia Repo   

    Originating from the exotic land of Finland, Emilia is working towards her Master of Arts in English. As an enthusiastic literary analyst, she is most inspired by socio-political satire. As a writer, she seeks to apply her skills in taking literature apart in order to create. If literature illuminates reality, consider Emilia a teacher as well as a student; if literature is a means for escaping reality, her mission is to take as many people with her as possible.


Woof woof, woof. Woof woof woof woof, woof. Wo... Woof woof? Woof woof WOOF!!
Translated: I love gravy bones. Gravy bones are my favourite thing in the whole world. Hmm... or do I prefer electroacoustic compositions? Nah, it's definitely gravy bones!