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absurdcus – a drop of Calm

Second solo album from Laszlo Demeter as absurdcus. As the album name suggests this release is rather calm and serene, especially compared to his first album theÖutlet which had a very unpredictable nature as it was a compilation of various small tunes from the previous decade. The opening track sets the tone for the album with its mellow bass tones, easy speed, and smooth melodies. Second track makes full use of the instrument in rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic ways reminiscent of people like Matt Stevens and hints towards more complex harmonies with the higher line that is present in the second half. Track three takes us away from loops and multitracking and to pure solo bass for an almost purely melodic piece showing the full expressive range Demeter possesses. Track four is the best example on the album of how Demeter can vary timbres to help distinguish layers over similar pitch ranges, as well as bringing in a lovely harmonic led section towards the middle of the piece. Murmurations pt.2 is a personal highlight on this album and is the track that I keep coming back to over again. It is the epitome of Demeter’s abilities to create beautiful yet unpredictable melodies over rich textures that are easily distinguishable as individual parts, yet combine as one coherent mass. It’s hard to put in words how satisfying this piece is to listen to. All things considered this album is an incredibly coherent offering without being dull and repetitive. It is limited by its duration and modest choice of instruments and styles, but this is not an album that claims to be larger than it is. It is a reasonably simple and easily graspable album of chill solo bass guitar and achieves this near perfectly, especially as it is for sale as a Pay What You Want download. Highly recommend this album alongside his two other albums at time of writing and highly recommend supporting Laszlo as he seems to be a very wholesome fellow.


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