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forex market

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The forex market is always influenced by fundamental analysis, because the currency is the basis of all economic activities in the world. Unfortunately, fundamental analysis is often ranked by traders.
The reasons vary, ranging from lazy learning economics that is full of theory, to feeling that technical analysis is more accurate and profitable without the need to glare at the data. In fact, achieving forex trading profit with fundamental analysis is not impossible. Fundamental analysis is actually also easy to understand.
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The following is a question and answer fundamental analysis, between professional traders (A) with beginner traders (Q), which can facilitate understanding of your fundamental analysis. Interestingly, the essence contained in the question and answer fundamental analysis has focused on the main goal in trading, namely achieving consistent profit
Q: We want to achieve forex profit trading with fundamental analysis. How to?
A: We can start by diligently following fundamental news and observing central bank statistics. But before, we must understand the dynamics and the current era, because in each era, the economic dynamics are different.
افضل موقع توصيات العملات
Q: What kind of dynamics do you mean? Understanding what era means?
A: The characteristics of the era are quite complex. However, if our goal is to trade forex, then we must at least know which part of the economic cycle (boom-bust) we must understand. Boom-bust cycles or boom-bust cycles are the process of expansion and contraction in the economy that occurs repeatedly. Boom-bust cycle is an important characteristic in today's capitalist economy.

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